Three Reasons to Partner with NetCommissions
1. An incentive compensation plan is complicated
Incentive compensation plans are getting increasingly complex in response to a confluence of strategic forces:

  • Increasing number of sales channels
  • Fiercely competitive marketplace
  • High rate of technological change
  • Maturation of the global economy
  • Rapidly changing business models

    The result has been the need to use incentive compensation as a strategic alignment tool across the entire value chain. Plans now include components that account for retroactive adjustments, managing hierarchies over time, enterprise-wide use of incentive compensation, growth of cross selling, team based account teams that include many non-sales members, caps & thresholds, etc.

    NetCommissions allows you to flexibly respond to these drivers in a timely manner by providing you with a critical mass of domain and technology experts that allow you to react faster than your competitors.

  • 2. Most business users do not have the right skill set to manage this process end-to-end
    Incentive compensation plans involve:

  • Collecting data from numerous sources such as spreadsheets, ERP, HR systems, and other company databases
  • Validating the validity and quality of the data
  • Importing the data into the incentive calculation program
  • Authoring and managing plans based on a set of rules involving credit assignment, hierarchy, eligibility, and many other corporate policies involved in calculating incentive compensation results
  • Managing the process to calculate results
  • Generating and distributing reports to effectively communicate the results to participants and management
  • Generating and distributing export files to payroll and other accounting and backoffice systems

    To manage the automation of the incentive compensation process is to manage every task as described above.

    Business users are frequently the only ones who have a deep level of insight into the business rules that govern an incentive compensation plan, but often lack the necessary technical skills to manage the complexity of incentive compensation automation.

    IT can usually manage incentive compensation automation, but lack the insight into the various parts of the business that drive incentive plans. In addition, IT is a shared resource with multiple competing priorities across multiple divisions, functions, etc. This can place business drivers, such as sales, at the mercy of an overworked IT department. The result is an inflexible process that is slow to respond to changing competitive conditions.

    NetCommissions 'Service Bureau' approach provides our customers with a critical mass of the right skills, technology and domain expertise.

  • 3. Key skills may be lost over time
    It is during the implementation of new plans that most companies falter. The skills required to implement new plans (from integrating data sources through authoring plan logic to designing and integrating reports) can be lost over time if not practiced in a consistent manner.

    When it comes time to implement a new plan years incentive compensation plans, you will need the same set of skills that were engaged during the original implementation or risk failure. The fact is that it takes highly specialized and skilled implementation teams to implement incentive compensation software. By partnering with NetCommissions, you ensure that a critical mass of specialized resources are available when you need it.
    NetCommissions helps companies improve sales force productivity by providing market leading on-line sales commissions management solutions. NetCommissions has a proven track record of developing and delivering innovative sales commission management solutions that deliver not only timely and accurate payments, but also provide customers with the industry's most integrated, comprehensive and motivating user experience.

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