Managing Data FAQ
How long does it take to import data?
The length of time required depends entirely on the amount of data to be imported. To expedite the import process we recommend you review the import directions that are provided in the Help section. In addition, we do our best to help you match your source file data with the default and custom fields available in the NetCommissions Quick Start data model.

Does NetCommissions offer services to help me import my data?
NetCommissions offers implementation services that would help your team get up and running on the service. You will receive a dedicated account manager who coordinates activities, establishes deadlines, and monitors progress.

How scalable is NetCommissions?
NetCommissions has the capacity to scale to the largest of enterprises. The architecture behind the NetCommissions solution was designed to handle millions of users. We can scale as rapidly as our customers require.

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NetCommissions helps companies improve sales force productivity by providing market leading on-line sales commissions management solutions. NetCommissions has a proven track record of developing and delivering innovative sales commission management solutions that deliver not only timely and accurate payments, but also provide customers with the industry's most integrated, comprehensive and motivating user experience.

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